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Online mapping tool gives FGM runaways a path to help

Wambura Kisika, a legal officer at the Mugumu safe house, demonstrates the technology Photograph: Sophie Tremblay Since May, nearly 600 international mappers have worked to help fill in the map around a safe house for girls running away from FGM and other gender-based violence located in Mugumu in the Serengeti district. Their work has resulted in the rescue of several girls and one arrest. Volunteers use satellite photographs on OpenStreetMap, a free crowd-sourced mapping service, to trace roads and buildings from the images, missing from printed and other online maps, and turn them into navigable maps. Other, more veteran mapping volunteers verify their peers’ work. Run by Crowd2Map , the open-source maps are then downloaded to apps like MAPS.ME and Crowd2Map recruit people on the ground, with smartphones, to use the app to name the remote towns and villages, as well as add in the names of schools, medical clinics and shops. At the start of 2016 there were 735 buildings and less than 5,000km of road mapped in the Serengeti district. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of volunteers, the map now counts 277,198 buildings and nearly 22,000km of Skip Tracer road. “I think it’s a direct reaction to everything that’s going on in the world right now, where people can feel quite impotent in the face of a lot of things going on at a political, global scale at the moment,” said Sophia Robson, a volunteer mapper based in London who was involved in last month’s rescue. “This is something you can actually take into your own hands and do.” This is something you can actually take into your own hands and do Robson, who sometimes spends 12 hours a day mapping, said it doesn’t take any special skills to become a mapper and anyone with an internet connection and a desire to create a positive change in the world can help.

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